FSB Spetsnaz Open Championship 2011

For the first time, members of FSB’s Spetsnaz took part in shooting competitions at night. The need for such competitions is apparent, as ¾ of all special operations take place at night. 150 participants from over 30 divisions of Spetsnaz from around the country gathered at a special training site in St. Petersburg to “save hostages and eliminate terrorists” within a certain time frame. Commander of special operations Agrat Alexander Krilov is the only man at the competition who’s face can be shown and who’s name can be revealed. He has survived multiple altercations with terrorists in major hot spots. The competition will be composed of 7 operations, each of which has it’s own designation such as storm, clear-out, automobile, room, etc. The contestants will be fully equipped, and will perform special tasks such as switching short barrels to long ones, use shields, and use night vision equipment.

What awaits behind the door of each room, the soldiers are unaware of, as would be the case in real life; terrorists prefer to work at night to carry out their operations. The conditions of these competitions are as close to real life situations as possible. This will allow the contestants to figure out whatever limitations they have and fix them here, rather than in a real conflict. Especially for the competition, 8 special rooms were set up; each containing a unique training situation including terrorists and hostages. The hostages are marked on the paper targets as a hand, while the terrorists are marked by pistols. Actions must be carried out within seconds; any miscalculation can result in death in real life.

Every soldier chooses his criteria for the accomplishment of the tasks ahead, with the main focus being put on speed and accuracy. Depending on the situation, the soldier will either shoot from a 9mm pistol or a Kalashnikov assault rifle. From first glance, these don’t look like regular Kalashnikov rifles: that’s because they have been heavily modernized to improve their battle characteristics. Competing for first place are 150 soldiers from 30 Spetsnaz divisions from Western Russia all the way to Vladivostok. However, the leaders are considered soldiers from special divisions Alfa and Vympel. Spetsnaz divisions from St. Petersburg are not taking part in the competition. Although some of the scenarios might look like they are from an action flick, whether the hero will live or die in real life will not depend on the scenario, but on his skills and preparation.


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