I Am Back

It’s been a while. More than 3 years to be exact. I abruptly disappeared, leaving my followers wondering where I have gone, and whether I will ever post again. Well, I got good news. I am back, and I will continue to translate news and videos regarding the Russian military, as well as post photos, updates and information regarding the Russian military. Russianmilitaryphotos.wordpress.com is active once again, and I am here to stay. Stay tuned, my friends!


Hello world!

Welcome to RussianMilitaryPhotos!

This is the place where I will post all of the latest photos of the Russian military, along with information, history, and personal comments. This blog is intended for an English-speaking audience who are interested in Russian military photos and information. The photos I will post will only be the most modern Russian weapons and will cover the Navy, Air-force, Ground Forces, Special Forces, and small arms.