Video Of The US-Russian Joint Exercises At Fort Carson


Today, at the U.S. military base in Fort Carson, Colorado, Russian speech can be heard. For the first time since World War II, Russian and American paratroopers participate in a combat mission together. For now, a training one. Twenty two soldiers of the Russian VDV and the same amount of troops from the U.S. special forces soldiers work together to counter an attack by international terrorists. Eugene Zubkov explains how the blue and green berets learn to fight against a common enemy.

The main character of the cult saga of John Rambo would not have, even in his most terrifying nightmare, dreamed that he would be living side by side with paratroopers from Russian, but today, the Green Berets at Fort Carson are more than happy to participate in such an event. “Today is a truly momentous day, we begin joint military exercises with the airborne troops”, stated John Didrik, the commander of the 10th Special Operations Forces of the U.S. Army.

Twenty two Russian soldiers came to the rocky mountains and settled together with the American troops in the baracks, which is more like a 5-start hotel. Good furniture, home appliances, air conditioning throughout, and even a coffee machine. The soldiers quickly found a common language. They then all went together for lunch. The dining resturaunts are “all inclusive”; 5 dollars is enough for a rich buffet. At first glance, it doesn’t even seem like the military, but like paradise. However, the paratroopers were dissappointed in the local menu. The Americans do not have a “first meal”, as is the tradition in Russia, and no ice cream with fruit and soda can replace the traditional soup.

Following the meal was rest, and then, assembly, planning, and actual training, which were followed by a farewell speech. “It’s time to join forces and share combat experiences to address the threats to the peaceful development of our countries. This joint exercises is the beginning of a real (not just in words, but in deeds) cooperation to combat international terrorism”, started Alexander Shirokov, the head of the Russian military delegation. Now, the U.S. and Russia have a common enemy, and the problem of testing effective skills that can be used to deal with it. Right now, the VDV troops learn fromt he Americans. A year from now, their American comrades will visit them in Russia. Right now, our soldiers are learning tactics, communication, and familiarize themselves with the weapons that the Green Berets use.

The foreign instructors were surprised by how easily the paratroopers mastered weapons that were seemingly unusual for them. With the Beretta pistols, the Russians showed a high class of shooting at the range, and received a score of 83 out of 100, on their first try, boasted Seargant Zorik Tsydypov. The main purpose of the training is for the soldiers of the two countries to learn new combat skills from each other. During the so-called active phase, which started today, it was important that the two groups of Russian and American soldiers show that they are able to work harmoniously and show that they are able to perform flawlessly. Special operations training includes descending the mountains, reconaissance, and carrying out the capture and destruction of terrorist bases. Besides military value, these trainings also have a symbolic value. The soldiers of the two countries starte that their meeting in Fort Carson should establish mutual understandings between them, which is needed in case they will need to work together to counter a threat in the future.



Photos Of The US-Russian Joint Exercises At Fort Carson


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Russian Paratroopers And U.S. Special Forces Plan To Conduct Joint Exercises At Fort Carson

Soldiers from the Russian VDV and the US special forces will conduct joint counter-terrorism exercises at Fort Carson, in the US, the representative of the Defense Ministry of the VDV Major Irina Kruglov told RIA Novosti. Earlier, the commanding VDV Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov said that the Russian Paratroopers plan to take part in several international exercises in 2012, in the US, Armenia, and Tajikistan.

“During our trip to the US, the representatives of the command of the VDV discussed the specifications with their American colleagues in regards to the upcoming joint exercises, which are to be held from May 14th til June 1st, 2012, at the mountain training site at the Fort Carson military base in Colorado,” stated Kruglov. In addition the representative of the Russian MOD confirmed that Russian and American soldiers have already inspected the military base facilities and ranges, where Russian troops will be based and train together with their American colleagues.

The Fort Carson military base is located near the city of Colorado Springs and houses the 4th Infantry Division of the US Army, the 10th Special Forces Unit, the 4th Engineer Battalion, the 13th Aviation Support, and other units. From the American side, the special operations forces of the US Army will take part, and from the Russian side, the intelligence unit of the Airborne Troops will take part.