Why russianmilitaryphotos.wordpress.com?


-Exclusive translations. Find out more about the Russian military by reading my exclusive translations (from Russian to English) of news reports and videos. As Russian military promoters like to say, there are no analogues for this anywhere in the world.

-All photos and videos in one place. I collect my photos and videos from various forums and sites, bringing you everything together, on one blog.

-Descriptions. Every piece of Russian military equipment has, or will get a description (technical specs, history, etc). Equipment of which there are multiple posts with photos/videos will contain links to the original description.

-Art. Once every two months, my friend Michael Taras will draw a piece of Russian military equipment. You, my followers, will get to vote on what exactly he will draw.

-Regularly updated. I will post on this blog at least once a week, sometimes even more often.


Note 1: None of the photos or videos on this blog belong to me, unless I state otherwise. If you happen to come across your photos and/or videos, and there is no credit to you, I probably found them on a forum and did not know the original source. Please contact me immediately and I will either give credit to you for the material (link to your site, etc), or if you want, I can remove them

Note 2: Russian military photographers and reporters! Please contact me if you need translations for any of your reports. I will gladly do them for free, as long as I get to post the work on my blog, as well.

Contact me: lorenzopopov@yahoo.com


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