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Tour Of The Baltic Fleet Destroyer “Bespokoyniy”


Recently, the MOD organized a press tour of the Baltic Fleet. It should be noted that these trips for journalists and bloggers to tour military units are held fairly regularly, but the opportunity to go on combat ship is a rarity. The Destroyer “Bespokoiny” is based in the harbor of the Baltic, the westernmost city of Russia. Until 1946, the town was called Pillau, and the military base was used by the German submarine fleet. Currently, the Baltiisk is the main base of the Baltic Fleet.


The project 956 Bespokoiny is a  third-generation destroyer. The first of the ships in this series, the “Sovremenny”, first entered service in 1981, and the second ship was launched in 1992. A total of 22 ships were laid down, but now only 9 serve in the Russian Navy, out of which, 4 are currently in reserve or being repaired. The Bespokoiny was built in 1992, was last at sea three years ago, and is currently reserve, awaiting repairs and modernization.


And yet, this is a battle-ready ship with its whole crew ready for action, so if the situation requires it, it will come out of reserve immediately. After it is modernized, its crew of conscripts will be replaced by professional contractors. The ship is decorated by three large stars, but not for sinking enemy ships, as is often mistakenly thought. These stars are awards for the Navy Commander. Over the years, the ship has had many guests, having been visited by Presidents, Admirals, and Ministers, all who’s presence was recorded in a special log. Also present are autographs from Prince Philip of Great Britain. Amongst the souvenirs and jewels, there is even a cat that calmly sleeps.



Length: 156.5 meters
Width: 17 meters
Endurance: 30 days
Max speed: 33.4 knots (62 km/hr)
Crew: 358
Displacement: 7,940 tons
Engine: two GTZA-649 50,000 hp steam turbines
Armament: Uragan (naval version of the SA-17 BUK) medium range surface-to-air missile system, two dual AK-130 130 mm fully automatic main guns (one of the most powerful gun systems in the world), four AK-630M Gatling guns, quad launchers for P-270 Moskit anti-ship cruise missiles, 533 mm torpedo tubes, ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) rocket launchers, and a Ka-27 ASW helicopter.


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