Assorted Russian Navy Photos


Yasen Class Submarine info

Borei Class Submarine info

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Steregushchy Class stealth corvette info

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New Photos Of The 2nd Steregushchy Class Stealth Corvette


The Project 20380 Steregushchy Class is a new Russian corvette designed to replace the aging Grisha Class anti-submarine corvette. The first vessel was built in 2007 and the Russian Navy plans to buy a total of 30 of these warships. The second vessel of this class, the “Soobrazitelnyy” (pictured), was launched in 2010 and was put into Russian navy service last October. The Steregushchy is a multi-purpose corvette that can engage enemy ships, submarines, aircraft, and even land targets. It takes advantage of a stealthy design and radar-absorbing technology to reduce its radar cross section.


The Project 20380 is armed with an A-190 100 mm main gun, two AK-630M 30 mm Gatling guns, two Kashtan CIWS systems (which can engage anti-ship missiles and aircraft), a choice of several cruise missiles such as the KH-35, P-800, and 3M-54 Klub missiles, two twin 533 mm torpedo tubes, and SA-N-10 (Naval Igla) surface-to-air missiles. The Steregushchy carries the Zarya-ME sonar suite, the Vinyetka-EM towed sonar array, and has a deck for a single Ka-27 ASW helicopter.


The Steregushchy has a length of 105 meters, displaces 2,100 tons, and can travel at speeds of up to 27 knots and cruise at 14 knots. The Project 20380 carries a crew of 100 and is equipped with a full counter-measures suite which includes radar jammers and decoys. The Steregushchy is equipped with four 16D49 diesel engines, which together create a total output of 23,320 hp. The vessel has a 15 day endurance. Russia is currently the sole operator of this vessel, with Algeria and Indonesia having placed orders, as well.