Rest In Peace, Col. Oleg Peshkov

Col. Oleg Peshkov’s body has been returned to Russia by Turkey. Oleg and his co-pilot ejected after their Su-24 was shot down by Turkish F-16’s. Oleg was killed by rebels as he was descending by parachute; his co-pilot survived and is back in Russia. One of the Marines attempting to rescue the pilots was also killed, and I wish for him to rest in peace as well. This was definitely a stab in the back by Turkey and will only further increase tensions in the already volatile region. Putin has responded with sanctions against Turkey, has ceased military cooperation with Turkey, and has promised further actions against Turkey. Both countries are at a disagreement as to whether the aircraft was located within Turkish territory when it was shot down. Regardless, shooting down the plane was a despicable act, and Turkey should not be one to complain about violations of their airspace when their aircraft have done the same countless times, most notably in Greece. My opinion is, if two countries are not at war, they should not be shooting down each other’s  aircraft over minor, non-aggressive airspace violations.