May 9 2015 Victory Day Parade

Vehicles that participated in the parade:

1) T-90A
2) T-14 Armata (tank)
3) T-15 Armata (IFV)
4) Kurganets-25
5) BMD-4M
6) BTR-MD Rakushka
7) BTR-82A
8) Bumerang
9) Kornet-D
10) Kamaz Triumph
11) Ural Typhoon
12) MSTA-S
13) 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV
14) Iskander-M
15) RS-24 Yars
16) Pantsyr S1
17) Tor M1
18) Buk M2
19) S-400

More descriptions coming soon!

Photo credit (click the links to visit the websites of the authors of the photos, as well as see more photos):
Vitaly Kuzmin

Bastion Karpenko

Andrey Kryuchenko 


2S35 Coalition SV Not Cancelled, Continues Testing


The 2S35 Coalition SV is a relatively new twin-barreled mobile artillery system, possibly designed to replace the aging 2S19 MSTA-S self-propelled howitzer. According to Russia’s MOD, the system is equipped with twin barrels for an increased rate of fire. Two years ago, it was reported to be cancelled. However, last summer, the system continued testing with a brand new turret (the first version that was showcased had an enlarged MSTA-S turret). Due to the lack of information, it is not yet clear how the system’s design will give it superiority over existing artillery systems, or even if the system is practical at all (it will certainly weigh much more than all current self-propelled artillery systems). A naval version of the system is also rumored to be in the works.