Orsis T-5000 Sniper Rifle


Sniper rifles have never been of the the Russian military’s strongest points. For decades, “snipers” had to make do with the SVD, a weapon that is not really a sniper rifle, but more of a weapon that increases the range of the troops, similar to the M-14. Over the years, many designs have been developed, but the army is still stuck with the SVD, while the Special Forces (who have more options as to what they can use) usually use foreign sniper rifles.

Based in Moscow, Orsis is one of the best private manufacturing factories of rifles in Russia. The owners of the company are world-class shooters, so it is not too farfetched to say that great things can be expected from this company. In 2011, Orsis began producing precision rifles based on the same bolt action, including the T-5000. The T-5000 is based on an action with dual locking lugs in the front. The stock of the rifle is made of glass bedded aluminum, the barrel is made of the highest grade stainless steel, and the muzzles are threaded to accept various muzzle brakes. The pressure of the trigger is fully adjustable, and the safety is located at the rear. Orsis T-5000 rifles accept 5 and 10 round magazines. The shoulder stock folds to increase the compactness of the rifle, and the T-5000 comes equipped with a picatinny rail to accept various accessories such as scopes, lasers, and flashlights.

The T-5000 is everything that a sniper rifle ought to be. It packs a heavy barrel, is customizable, and is made of the highest quality material. A few samples of this rifle have been presented to the Russian government, and it is currently undergoing testing. The standard T-5000 comes equipped with the DH 5-20×56, a revolutionary new Russian scope, and a muzzle brake built by Orsis, which they claim reduces the recoil by up to 50%. The rifle is apparently intended for counter-terrorist troops.

Caliber: .308 Win/ .338 Lapua
Barrel length: 610 mm
Weight: 12.3 lb/12.8 lb
Price: $5500/$6150 (without scopes)


Photos taken from here and here.


New Strizh Pistol


Carefully, yet quickly, the black “Strizh” (which means Swift in Russian) is brought out from its “nest”. The pistol was designed and assembled by a private company, yet the Strizh is a bird capable of flying very high when it comes to military sales. He may sound brash, but professional shooter Andrei Kirisenko states that the black Strizh is Russia’s answer to the legendary Glock 17, a favorite of special forces worldwide.

Here they are side by side, the Russian to the left, the Austrian to the right. They even look slightly similar, but internally, they are quite different. For example, take a look at how the slide works. On the Glock, the barrel rises when the slide is pulled back, while on the Strizh, the barrel maintains its position, resulting in very low recoil. Also, the Strizh is held in high regard over its safety, which consists of 3 safety mechanisms to prevent accidental firing. The caliber is 9 mm, or for those who understand, 9 x 19 mm Luger. The magazine holds 17 bullets, and the reloading process happens to be quite interesting. While regular pistols have a single mag release button, this pistol has two on either side.

You can see here how it works, the pistol is picked up and the button is pressed, while the second hand immediately slides in the magazine. How is such a fast and easy reload accomplished? Because the space for the magazine is wider. The Strizh can accept scopes, lasers, and flashlights. It can also accept magazines that hold 30 rounds, as well as a longer barrel which will turn it into a machine pistol. Of course, in trained hands the pistol doesn’t even need all that. Andrei Kirisenko continuously calls the pistol unique, probably due to the fact that throughout the pistol’s construction, the team that was working on the pistol received advise from Special Forces officers. When the first prototype was finished, those same officers left 124 complaints, and the pistol was redesigned. The second prototype of the Strizh received 10 complains, and was redesigned again.

So here we have the Strizh 3, which is also going to be modernized, but has already caught a lot of attention. This pistol does everything that a good pistol should, but whether it will sell well on the market remains to be seen. For now, the pistol is advertised by a demo clip, which shows how the Strizh works. The pistol’s designers hope that this weapon won’t end up like so many others before it: rejected and forgotten. *Pistol is fired at a target next to a man’s head* The designer states that he will put his head on the line to prove the efficiency of the weapon that he created.


PS: This looks very similar to the Strike, which was also built based on advice from special forces officers.

New AK-12 Assault Rifle Video


Disregard the propaganda at the end of the video. How they expect to be taken seriously comparing the earliest version of the M-16 (built in the 1960’s) with the AK-74M (built in the 1990’s) is beyond me. However, the footage of the AK-12, though scarce, is quite good.


More info about the AK-12 here.

The AK-12 Assault Rifle


Recently, Izhmash showcased the very first prototype of the new AK-12. Two weapon is due to be introduced in two separate versions: light and heavy. The light version will be available in 5.45x39mm, 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm calibers and will be able to accept the sameĀ  magazines used by current AK assault rifles. A new quad magazine with a capacity of 60 rounds is due to be introduced for it. The heavy version will be chambered for caliber 7.62x51mm.


The new features that will set this weapon apart from the other Kalashnikov rifles include:
* Smaller ejection port.

* Ambidextrous forward charging handle.
* New fire control switch with modes of fire for single shot, 3 round burst and full automatic.

* New safety switch.
* New hinged top cover.
* Folding and length adjustable stock.

* Quad picatinny rails.
* New muzzle brake that accepts standard NATO rifle grenades

* Ergonomic pistol grip.
* Improved barrel rifling.


My personal opinion is that this is a great weapon, but is a too little late. Most of the features implemented on this assault rifle should have been available on the AK-100 series that was introduced in the 90’s, and I don’t understand why only 20 years later do we finally see an AK with decent sights and fire select/safety system. Nevertheless, the ability to switch between three calibers is a an excellent feature which should come in handy for the Special Forces (who are the most likely to buy these rifles).
Second photo taken from guns.ru.

Russia To Possibly Supply Several U.S. Law Enforcement Units With Shotguns


The reason that I stated “possibly” in regards to the sale is because currently, only Russian news sources have this information; no US site has posted such information yet. Nevertheless, RIA news is considered a very reliable website, and they are quoting Izmash, themselves, so there is a big chance that such sales may indeed be taking place. To read more regarding the sales, please see: U.S. Police To Buy Izhmash Shotguns.


The Saiga-12S (the weapon currently in question, no exact version specified), is an AK-based 12 gauge semi-automatic military shotgun, developed for use by Russian Special Forces and Law Enforcement. Due to its Kalashnikov based design, the shotgun is highly reliable and effective. The weapon has a weight of 3.6 kg and can accept almost any kind of 12 gauge ammunition.


The Saiga-12S has rails for the mounting of various optics, lasers, and flashlights. It uses box or drum magazines of 2, 5, 8, and 10 round capacity. The stocks are made of black fiberglass-reinforced poly-amide, and the butt-stock can be folded for easy storage. Saiga-12 (not the S version) shotguns have been imported around the world, and are quite popular with US civilians.