The Project 1155 Udaloy Class Destroyer


The Udaloy is an anti-submarine destroyer that was first commissioned in 1980. The Udaloy is similar to the American Spruance Class destroyer. A total of 12 of these ships have been built. The Udaloy has a displacement of 6,200 tons, a length of 163 meters, a beam of 19.3 meters, and a draught of 6.2 meters. The ship has a maximum speed of 35 knots, and a range of 10,500 nm (when traveling at a speed of 14 knots). The Project 155 has a crew of 300.

The Udaloy is armed with eight SS-N-14 Silex anti-submarine missiles, 64 SA-N-9 Gauntlet short range missiles, two SA-N-11 missiles, two AK-100 100 mm naval guns, four AK-630 30 mm gatling guns, two RPK-2 Viyuga torpedo tubes, two RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket launchers, and two KA-27 ASW helicopters. The Udaloy is also armed with a fully elecronic warfare kit comprised of a Bell Crown intercepter, a Bell Shroud intercepter, a Bell Squat jammer, and ten PK-10 decoys RL’s.

In 1999, an upgraded version of this ship, dubbed the Udaloy II, was introduced. The Udaloy II is armed with SS-N-22 missiles instead of the tradional SS-N-14 missiles, an AK-130 mm naval gun instead of the traditional two AK-100 mm guns, and the Udav-1 anti-submarine missile system. The Udaloy II is also equipped with a new gas turbine engine, more capable sonars, and an integrated fire control system for aire defense.

Photos taken from here and here.


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