Happy Victory Day!

Thank you to all those who took a stand against the Axis forces and helped save the world!


Videos Of The Parade In Moscow



Photos Of The Parade In Moscow



Brief Summary Of What Was Said In The Videos


Part 1

The 154th Honor Guard, under command of lieutenant colonel Oleg Garshinin opened the parade on the red square. Junior Sergeant Alexey Damenshiv carried the flag of the Russian Federation. Junior Sergeant Anton Mihailov carried the flag of victory. Last year, the division celebrated its 55th anniversary. 67 years ago, after the Soviet victory over the Nazis, soldiers from the 150th division, Sergeant Mikhail Yegorov and junior Sergeant Meliton Kantaria raised the Soviet flag over Berlin. The famous photograph of the two men holding the flag became a symbol of Soviet victory of the 2nd World War. The minister of defense of the Russian Federation, Anatoliy Serdyukov, joined the parade. He was met by General Valeriy Gerasimov, who was in command of the parade. Both men rode on ZIL-41047 convertibles. Anatoliy Serdyukov congratulated everyone with the 67th anniversary of Victory Day. Over 14,000 soldiers and 100 modern military vehicles took part in the parade.

Part 2.

Anatoliy Serdyukov welcomed Vladimir Putin to the parade. Putin stated the following:

-67 years ago, Nazism was destroyed.

-Nazism was not destroyed early enough, and that because of that, a huge price was paid.

-Paid tribute to the governments that fought against the Nazis to the very end.

-Everyone must remember how the war started, and analyze the lessons it taught everyone.

-Abiding to multi-national traditions, respecting the solidarity of governments, and respecting the individual choices of populations are guarantees that the tragedy of World war 2 will not repeat.

-Russia is deeply involved in the issue of global security, and has a right to defend its positions, due to the fact that the country took the biggest blow from Nazism, and met it with a heroic resistance that went through the hardest tests, defeated the enemy, and helped liberate the world.

-This victory provides great support to the younger generations who must know and remember that they are the descendents of victors, sincere soldiers of freedom.

-Spoke about the veterans, about how they fought together, and how they went through huge difficulties and tragedies together, which a human technically should be unable to withstand, and congratulated to them for not breaking under pressure and stated that they are real life heroes, in the true tradition of the Russian warrior, and proved that victory can be achieved not just due to powerful weapons, but through the power of spirit, cohesion, and religion. Concluded that the war and the veterans’ ability to love and defend their country will never fade into the past, and will be passed on to their children, grand children, and great grand children.


Valeriy Gerasimov ordered the troops to begin marching.

Part 3

The vehicles entered the parade. Gaz Tiger ground mobility vehicles lead the way. They were followed by BTR-80 armored personal carriers. Next up were the T-90A main battle tanks. 152 mm MSTA-S self propelled artillery systems followed the tanks. The howitzers were followed by the BUK M2 medium range air defense systems. Next in line were the Pantsyr S1 missile/gun short range air defense systems. Following them were the S-400 Triumf long range air defense systems. The Iskander-M theater ballistic missile systems followed the S-400 systems. Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile systems and the IVECO “Bobcat” ground mobility vehicles were the last in line. In the sky, five Mi-8 medium helicopters appeared, carrying the flag of the Russian federation, the flag of the Russian armed forces, the flag of the Russian ground forces, the flag of the Russian air-force, and the flag of the Russian navy. The helicopters flew at a speed of 100 km/hr and at a distance of 50 meters from each other.

Part 4

Close-up video of the vehicles taking part in the parade.


Photos taken from here and here.


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