Russian Helicopters Performing Exercises In Torzhok



The “Berkut” air group is celebrating its 20th year anniversary. The pilots began flying in 1992 on Mi-24 helicopters. Today, the Berkuts fly on Mi-28N Night Hunters. “Flying helicopters in a group is very difficult, because they fly within very close distances of each other, a mere 10 meters apart”, stated Igor Butenko, a Berkut pilot. Making dangerous maneuvers is like diving into a chainsaw, so there is no room for mistakes. “Even though it’s a piece of steel, I feel that it has a soul, and every pilot knows his helicopter, how to approach it, how to clap it, what to tell it”, stated Evgeniy Galkin, the commander of the Berkuts. In honor of their 20th year anniversary, the Berkuts performed the rump and the arrow maneuvers. Next time, the pilots will show off their skills at the Zhukovsky airbase on the 12th of August, on the 100th anniversary of the Russian air-force.


Photos taken from here, here, here, and here.


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