The Naval Infantry Of The Pacific Fleet Performing Maneuvers At The Primorsky Krai



The “Gvozdika” self-propelled howitzers rain a barrage of shells on the coastline. According the the training specifications, a fleet of landing ships has reached the beach, but the artillery battery will not allow them to unload their forces. The explosions in the water increase: the self-propelled howitzers are receiving help from mortars. The enemy continues to advance, so the brigade retreats, but this is only a maneuver that was pre-planned by the commanders.


“We let the enemy take the territory temporarily, then attack them with a second division,” stated Sergey Pushkin, the commander of the Marine brigade. This type of strategy is known as the “defensive maneuver”, in which part of the battalion which began the initial resistance begins to retreat in order to reload and regroup, and as the enemy moves in to finish them off, they get cut off by fire from another division. Here, grenadiers, shooters, and snipers are covered by heavy machine gun fire from the BTR’s. They, too, try to not get too involved in battle, several minutes of non-stop shooting and they retreat, as well. The Black Berets confuse the enemy and cause his forces to end up spread out all over the area.


We are currently located several kilometers from the ocean, where a 3rd defensive division has been set up, assisted by flamethrowers. This is the same division that was participating in the initial attack on the enemy’s landing ships, which is once again providing resistance to the enemy after having rested and reloaded. The rest of the battalion comes to their assistance, and they simultaneously attack the enemy with grenade launchers, artillery, and machine guns from armored personal carriers, and the field in front of them literally boils; the enemy had no chance. After the training, the Naval Infantry get a new objective: this time they will be the ones landing on a beach.


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