Sniper School In The Krasnodar Region


The training for professional snipers starts here. Special equipment is used within the premises to simulate real combat situations. The sniper must calculate the direction, the wind speed, the humidity, and then make the shot. The simulator for long distance shooting will show how successful he was. The faces of these heroes cannot be revealed, even within their homeland; soldiers of the special sniper division can only be videotaped from the back, except for one. Igor Miroshnichenko is the only conscript soldier in the group. He wanted to be part of the sniper division before he even served in the army, and has been actively engaged in shooting. The commanders went his way.

“Right now I’m focused on sharpening my skills and take examples from professionals who will help me with training and give advice if I’m doing something wrong, and give me morale support so that my spirits won’t drop,” stated sniper Igor. However, assistance in the heat of battle cannot be expected. In combat, camouflage is crucial to the success of the operation and in protecting the life of the soldier. Therefore, face paint for snipers is part of their arsenal, as is the custom-made suit which covers their uniform.

The sniper must be able to blend with his surroundings like a chameleon. To survive, he must not be visible or audible. Soldiers working together communicate through special signals and sounds.  There are only a few such units in the southern military district, and one of them was formed near Krasnodar just recently. Here, elite soldiers are trained for special operations. Practical skills are sharpened everyday, whether it’s sunny or raining. It is necessary to take into account that the muscle memory of the shooter is no longer than 10 days. That means that training must be done at least once a week in the field. Once the sniper takes position, the most important part begins. Calculating the shot, adjusting to the weather conditions, and the distance of the target (it should not be less than a mile away). The sniper can stay behind cover several days, but it is necessary, because as snipers say, the outcome of modern wars is decided by a single shot.


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