The 21st Brigade


The constant readiness and mobility of Russia’s military units was demonstrated to the the chief of Russia’s MVD. The General arrived on a combat helicopter, congratulated the troops with their professional holiday, and spoke to reporters about the tasks that the country’s leadership now assesses, and which are being successfully carried out by the soldiers.

“The main tasks of these troops is carrying out operations in the North Caucasus Federal District. A select group of Interior troops are already there, and they are figuring out tactics for fighting the terrorists and rebels. Another one of the troops’ tasks is the protection of essential public facilities and to guard shipments, as well as work with various internal affairs agencies to provide law and order in the cities where they are deployed,” stated Nikolay Rogozhkin, the commander of Russia’s Interior troops and the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

Despite the professional holiday, and the fact that MVD turned 201 years old today, the Sofrinskaya brigade is carrying out ordinary, everyday activities. Here, for example, reconnaissance units enter a building sheltering “terrorists”, and within minutes, neutralize the enemy without any losses to themselves. And this group here is conducting a special type of training where mistakes cannot be made at any cost. The Sappers clear the territory of the strategic facility. Helping them detect explosives is an expert dog, whose name is “Eyber”. Throughout his service, the four-legged detective found hundreds of land mines and improvised explosives. “This is not just a working dog, but a companion, and one who will never leave us in combat. I work with him, and he is a very good dog. He is one of the most loyal that we have. Within a month, he got used to me and now listens only to me,” stated Sergey Lazarev, K9 Expert of the MVD.

Now, anti-aircraft guns and mortars are being fired. Russian MVD troops are equipped with various kinds of modern weapons and equipment. Promising developments by the Russia’s designers are tested and fielded here: precision rifles, pistols,  and body armor made of new materials and alloys. However, these weapons and equipment do not always make the job easier for the soldiers. Perhaps the biggest criteria in the selection of MVD soldiers is excellent physical endurance, in order to be able to operate effectively with full battle gear, which weighs 30-35 kg. And wearing all this equipment, the soldiers must carry out combat missions, walk dozens of kilometers, and climb mountains. The MVD has troops all over the country, from Kaliningrad to South Sakhalin, from Murmansk to Makhachkala. The North Caucasus remains the most intense zone, where soldiers must apply that, which they learned through training. Today, during the professional holiday for the Sofrinskaya brigade soldiers, a colleague who died while performing his duties is being remembered and commemorated.


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