The 4th Tank Brigade Performing Exercises In The Western Military District


The T-80U is the latest (and the last, due to the MOD selecting the T-90A as Russia’s main MBT) version of the T-80 main battle tank in service with the Russian army. The T-80U is armed with a 125 mm 2A46M-1 smooth-bore main gun which can fire various rounds including armor piercing (AP), armor piercing discarding sabot (APDS), high explosive anti-tank (HEAT), high explosive fragmentation (HE-FRAG), and missiles including the 9M119 (AT-11 Sniper) and 9M119M. The T-80U is also armed with the 7.62 mm coaxial PKT machine gun and a 12.7 mm NSVT 12.7 mm machine gun.


Besides the composite armor that covers the tank, it is also covered with K-5 reactive armor and steel panels. The T-80U is also equipped with a smoke discharging system and has full NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection. The T-80U runs on the GTD-1250 gas turbine engine which is rated at 1,250 hp and gives the tank a speed of up to 70 km/hr on a smooth road and 48 km/hr when traveling through rugged terrain. A modified T-80U chassis was used for the development of the Black Eagle next generation tank prototype. The T-80U is also in service with the armies of Cyprus, Egypt, South Korea, China, and Yemen. The US and the UK have obtained T-80U tanks for evaluation purposes.


More photos here.


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