The Steregushchy Corvette Is Preparing For A Long Voyage


The Steregushchy corvette, the pride of the Baltic fleet, is preparing for a long voyage. Within 6 months, the corvette is due to accompany a new Algerian submarine that is undergoing testing. For now, though, on board the corvette there is daily, intensive training. The crew practices procedures during emergency situations, for example, in cases of fire. The Steregushchy is one of the most advanced Russian warships and is equipped with the latest weaponry. The military believes that such small and maneuverable ships are the future of the fleet.

“The ship is built using stealth technology. The superstructure of the ship is made of heavy plastic, which further helps reduce the ship’s radar signature. Of course these are some of the most advanced types of ships, in fact, all NATO countries have either started building or upgrading their own corvettes,” stated Mikhail Burkin, the captain of the Steregushchy. This corvette does not just feature new technology, but a remarkable crew, as well. The crew is composed of only contractors, who compared to draftee sailors, have far more experience, as well as a huge desire to serve on the ship.

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