Battalion Commander Sacrifices His Life To Save Others During A Live Grenade Throwing Accident

Major Sergei Solnechnikov

Rest In Peace

During a grenade throwing session at a training range in Amur, a grenade slipped out of one of the conscript’s hands, bounced off the wall of the trench, and flew back inside the trench. Major Sergei Solnechnikov reacted quickly, pushing the soldier away from the grenade and throwing himself upon it, becoming a “human shield”. The conscript that threw the grenade has been treated at the military hospital for minor injuries, but doctors were unable to save the battalion commander’s life. It has been reported that Solnechnikov has possibly saved many lives, as there were over 100 soldiers present in the area when the incident occured. An investigation has been launched into the matter, and the conscript who threw the grenade may face charges for negligence.


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