Soldiers Train With Grenade Launchers At The Homutovka Training Range In Yekaterinburg


“Target Engaged?”
“Target Is In Sight.”
“Destroy it, the timing has started.”

The soldiers set up the 35 kg automatic grenade launcher within 30 seconds. According to today’s training mission, they have to destroy a group of armed combatants and unarmored vehicles. The target is 300 meters away. The fact that they hit the target is confirmed by a cloud of smoke. The smoke is pink because it is from a training round, and today, grenadiers from all over the region gather to compete at the range. The journalists are invited to try out the weapons, as well.

“I don’t have enough strength to press…I can’t hear anything at all”.

Of course, I was unable to hit the target, but contractor Sergei, on the other hand, didn’t miss a single shot. He has been training with the AGS-17 for 2 years now, and won’t trade it for any other weapon.

“This weapon is quite destructive, it can wipe out everything over a large area, while other weapons can only destroy one or two targets before reloading. ”

Next, an even loader sound comes from the firing of the RPG-7, which weighs 6 kg and can destroy armored vehicles, as well as enemy troops behind cover. The soldiers execute the task perfectly, destroying the target within one and a half minutes. When Ilya first joined the army 3 years ago, it was hard for him to get used to the noise, but now he has gotten used to it.

“It now takes me 5 minutes to get used to the noise, though my ears continue to ring. ”

And this here is a search and reconnaissance unit, each consisting of 10 soldiers who move slowly to avoid clipping a mine. They are on a mission to capture the armed group that set up those mines.

“This is pocket artillery. But nevertheless, it is quite formidable and effective for carrying out missions in the southern Caucasus region, in mountainous and forested terrain, in “shoot-and-move” situations. ”

Today’s missions in the field near Homutovka are short, with the soldiers given 4 minutes to carry out each task. The next time there will be sounds of grenades being launched will be in Fall; such exercises are carried out once every six months.


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