New Photos Of The Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier


The Admiral Kuznetsov is the flagship and the sole aircraft carrier of the Russian navy. The Admiral Kuznetsov is not really a dedicated aircraft carrier, but more of an aircraft carrying missile cruiser, which can provide support to naval aircraft, surface ships, and submarines. The Kuznetsov’s aircraft squadron initially consisted of Su-33 interceptors and Su-25UTG strike aircraft, but the Russian MOD recently signed a contract for the purchase of Mig-29K/KUB fighters, which may replace the Su-33’s and Su-25’s. The Kuznetsov also carries Ka-27 helicopters for ASW, transportation, and search and rescue roles. The Kuznetsov can carry a total of up to 14 Su-33 interceptors or 28 Mig-29K fighters, up to 4 Su-25UTG strike aircraft and up to 16 Ka-27 helicopters of various types.

The Kuznetsov has a heavy armament consisting of eight AK-630 30 mm Gatling guns, eight Kashtan CIWS suites, twelve P-700 Granit anti-ship cruise missiles, eighteen 8-cell 3K95 (Naval TOR-M1) short-range anti-aircraft missile launchers, and an RBU-12000 UDAV-1 ASW rocket launcher. The aircraft carrier has a displacement of up to 58,600 tons and has a length of 306.5 meters. It has a speed of 32 knots, a range of 15,700 km, and an endurance of 45 days. The ship has 3,857 rooms for 1,993 people, which includes the ship’s crew and the pilots. The Admiral Kuznetsov is due to undergo a major refit and modernization at the Severodvinsk Sevmash shipyard by the end of this year. Modifications are rumored to include the replacement of obsolete sensor equipment and electronics, the addition of a new anti-aircraft missile system, and an increase of deck space (to increase the number of aircraft the ship can carry) by removing the P-700 launchers. It is also possible that the Kuznetsov might receive catapults to aid the launch of aircraft and the replacement of the troubled steam engine with a more efficient alternative.


3rd photo taken from here.


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