The Mig-29SMT

The Mig-29SMT is currently the most extensive modification of the legendary Mig-29 single-seat fighter (barring the Mig-29K/KUB and the Mig-35). The SMT upgrade was developed to modernize Russian Mig-29’s as a stop-gap while the air-force is waiting for the Pak-Fa to finish testing and enter service as well as for the modernization of Mig-29’s in foreign countries to keep their air-forces up to date.

The SMT upgrade solves many of the Mig-29’s biggest draw-backs including true air-to-ground capability, increased range, a better radar, new avionics, and the ability to carry the latest Russian-made air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons. In terms of its new capabilities, the Mig-29SMT is close to the level of the new Mig-35, and is considered a 4+ generation aircraft.

The Mig-29SMT is equipped with the advanced ZHUK-ME multi-mode radar. The control systems are full digitized and the cockpit features full-color liquid crystal displays. The Mig-29SMT can carry a full range of Russian weaponry (that is both in service and in development) including air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, guided bombs, anti-radar missiles, and cruise missiles. Even more new features are currently being implemented into the SMT upgrade, which customers can choose from to fit their requirements.



Length: 17.32 meters
Wing span: 11.36 meters
Height: 4.73 meters
Max take-off weight: 22,000 kg
Max speed: 2,400 km/hr
Service ceiling: 17,500 meters
Max g-load: 9
Endurance:  1,800 km
Engines: 2x RD-33 Series-3
Armament: GSh-301 30 mm automatic cannon, 6 pylons for various weaponry


Photos taken from airliners and russianplanes.


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