Russian Black Berets Take Part in Exercises On The Klerk Peninsula


The Marines take cover. This time, the Marines are not carrying out attack missions, but instead, defending the beach from the enemy. The Marines don’t stay in one position for long; they must move around on BTR-80 APC’s. The soldiers taking part in today’s training have been serving for at least half a year. At a neighboring spot, similar exercises are being performed by the mortar platoon. For the Marines to get the mortars set up and camouflage themselves with the surroundings, less than 5 minutes passes. The commander spots the target, and the mortar operator prepares to fire, though for these tests, dummy rounds are used rather than live ones. After firing, and the platoon moves back a few kilometers and sets up a new position so that the enemy is unable to engage them. The skills of the Russian Marines will be tested during the summer, where they will take part in major exercises on the beaches of Sakhalin.

More photos here.


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