The RS-24 “Yars” Mobile ICBM System Participating In Exercises In The Ivanov Region


The RS-24 “Yars” mobile ICBM (inter-continental ballistic missile) system took part in exercises as part of the “Nuclear Shield” program in the Ivanov region. During these exercises, entire districts are closed, so that all procedures can be performed under utmost secrecy. It takes 15 minutes to set the system up or dismantle it. Changing the system’s position is extremely crucial, as it is carrying a missile that has the power of 100 “Little Boys” (the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima). The RS-24 was introduced to the region a year ago, and since then, testing has been performed monthly. Each time, the entire Teykovsky district is closed. These exercises resemble real military operations, except no firing takes place. The main mission: to ensure that the mobile ballistic missile system is hidden from the enemy. Each column has three sub-columns, and each sub-column consists of a launcher vehicle and a refueling vehicle.

More info on the RS-24 and its predecessor, the Topol-M


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