The Ka-27


The Ka-27 entered service in 1982 to replace the Ka-25 helicopter in Russian navy service. Originally designed as an ASW (anti-submarine warfare) helicopter, the Ka-27 is available in numerous variants for both civilian and military tasks. The Ka-27 has dimensions similar to the Ka-25 (which means that deck space does not need to be increased) and retains the same counter-rotating coaxial rotor, but unlike its predecessor, it can operate at night and in poor weather, has more powerful engines, and is made of corrosion-resistant materials to ensure smooth operation in sea environments. The Ka-27 is equipped with a radar and a dipping sonar to detect enemy submarines, and can be armed with torpedoes and bombs. The helicopter’s torpedo bay has a built-in heater to ensure that the weapons remain reliable during even the coldest weather conditions. The Ka-29 is a transport version of the Ka-27 (also for the navy), and the Ka-32 is a civilian version of the Ka-27. The Ka-27 and its variants are also operated by Algeria, China, Cuba, India, Syria, Ukraine, Vietnam, South Korea, Yugoslavia, Canada, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Turkey for civilian or military roles (depending on the country).

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