First Deputy Defence Minister Alexander Sukhorukov Talks T-72 Modernization, BMP-3, Bulava, and Armata



This year, we will sign a 3 year contract for the modernization of the T-72. Next week we will begin to receive tanks from the armed forces, and within a month, all tanks that are slated for modernization will be delivered to  the factory. Deliveries of finished, modernized tanks will begin at the start of next year. We plan to expand the volume of orders, and are currently in talks with the Minister of Defense to add that to the contract.


A relatively new tank will be accepted into service in 2013, and Uralvagonzavod will not only continue to handle the modernization of older tanks, but will build the new tanks for the Russian federation, as well. We have always handled the government’s orders, and we are ready to do so again. We have the technology, we have the work force, and we’re awaiting the tanks. As soon as we get them, we will get to work. We have never let down the government, nor will we ever. We will always satisfy the order.


On the 27th of January, we finished testing the BMP-3. All complaints that we received in 2010 were noted and the proper modernizations were performed. The BMP-3 now meets the needs of the armed forces. Now we will resume the production of the BMP-3s (product was put on hold in 2010, following the complaints).


We also got an order from the president to accept the Bulava into service. The Yury Dolgoruky was supposed to finish testing last year, but we had some unexpected delays. Everything is fine now, the testing has been finished and the Bulava will now enter service. The Yury Dolgoruky submarine will be armed with the Bulava in June, and the Alexander Nevsky will be armed with the Bulava in August.


(After inspecting the T-90MS) This is a great tank. Actually, I am a tanker, myself. Of course, I never got to train on something so advanced. I trained on the T-62, then in Chelyabinsk I trained on the T-72. This tank here is based on the T-72, so it’s still familiar to me in many ways. However, the guidance system, the target identification system, and all the equipment in the compartment is light years ahead of what we had in 1977.


Photo and video taken from here.


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