The S-300V Of The 202nd Air Defense Brigade



The 9K81 (NATO designation: SA-12) S-300V is a radical modification of the S-300 long range air defense system, designed for integration with the ground forces and is a replacement for the aging SA-4. The S-300V has two different type of missiles in its arsenal. The smaller “Gladiator” missiles (usually used against aircraft) have an engagement range of 75 km, while the larger “Giant” missiles (used against ballistic missiles) have an engagement range of over 100 km and at altitudes exceeding 32 km. Both missiles have 150 kg warheads. The S-300V is capable of engaging aircraft, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles.

Unlike other S-300 systems, the S-300V’s chassis is based on the MT-T tracked vehicle, giving it a cross-country mobility that is superior to other S-300 systems. Unlike the other S-300 systems, who’s main priority is intercepting aircraft, the S-300V’s main priority is shooting down ballistic missiles, for which it equipped with the 9M82 (Giant) missile (of which it can only carry a maximum of two), and the 9S19 HIGH SCREEN radar. An S-300V battalion usually consists of up to 6 launching systems, a guidance radar, and a designation and target detection unit. For anti-aircraft defense, the S-300V can also be armed with up to four 9M83 Gladiator missiles. Both missiles are equipped with ultra-efficient solid-propellant motors, are extremely maneuverable, and carry HE (high explosive) fragmentation warheads.


More photos from the report here.



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