P-800 Oniks Anti-Ship Cruise Missile









The P-800 Oniks (also known as the SS-N-26 Yakhont) is a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile that entered service in 1999 and is a replacement for the P-270 Moskit (SS-N-22 Sunburn) and, possibly, the P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) anti-ship cruise missiles. The BrahMos, a joint a supersonic stealth anti-ship cruise missile developed jointly by Russia and India, is also based on the P-800 Oniks. The P-800 is capable of achieving speeds that exceed 2.5 times the speed of sound due to its aerodynamic shape, which makes it nearly impossible to counter. The missile’s detectability is further reduced by the fact that it is covered with radar absorbent material.



Range: 300 km on a mixed (high and low) trajectory, 120 km on a constantly low trajectory
Max speed: Mach 2.5

Booster type: liquid propellent ram-jet motor

Weight: 3000 kg

Warhead’s weight: 200 kg

Guidance type: seeker warhead, giving the missile a “fire and forget” capability

Developed: 1983

Entered service: 1999

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