The Gaz Tiger-6A


The Gaz-2330, also known as the Tiger (Tigr in Russian), is a high mobility vehicle that was originally developed for the UAE. However, after the deal went through, the Russian military expressed interest in the vehicle as a replacement for the UAZ-469 workhorse. In 2002, the first prototype was showcased, and in 2005, the Tiger entered production. The Tiger can be used to transport Special Forces soldiers, conduct patrols, and escort convoys. This vehicle is highly versatile and is being used by the Police, the Army, and Special Forces, just like its predecessor, the UAZ-469 was. The Tiger can carry a payload of up to 1500 kg and can be equipped with various weapon systems, as well as radars, ladders, and other equipment for civilian use. Within the past 7 years, production of the Tiger has been swift. Over 350 of these vehicles are reported to be in service, and can be found in service in various departments of the Russian military and Police. The standard Tiger configuration gives it room for one driver and eleven passengers.


The Gaz Tiger comes in several versions, such as weapons-carrying, troop-carrying, heavily armored, etc. The armed versions can be equipped with weapons systems ranging from a small armament comprising a Pecheneg machine gun and an AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher, to heavily armed dedicated variants that can be equipped with anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile launchers. The Tiger can operate in temperatures as low as -50 C, and can be equipped with one of several engines, including the Cummins B-214, which is rated at 215 hp. The Gaz Tiger uses parts from the BTR-80 (which is produced by the same factory) and is available with either an automatic or a manual transmission. Russia is the only current operator of the Tiger to date, with Brazil having expressed interest in the vehicle, as well.


The Tiger-6A is an up-armored version of the Tiger, and is reported to have Level-5 or higher protection. Instead of the common configuration which had a pair of side doors and a pair of doors in the back, this version is a four-door variant and thus, can only carry up to 5 people. Of course, if the MOD is willing to buy the 4-door IVECO with Level-5 protection, the Tiger-6A seems like an optimal option to stop the purchases of the IVECO.


Video taken by Vitaly Kuzmin.


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