S-400 Triumf Continues Testing

On the Kapustin Yar region’s range, newly built S-400 Triumf air defense systems completed yet another test. Fresh out the factory, the two new S-400 divisions moved swiftly across the range, to get to their destination and begin live-firing tests. Mobility is one of the Triumf’s specialties, and the entire convoy can make a complete turn-around in just 5 minutes, fire off some missiles, and do it again indefinitely, as long as missiles are provided. And those missiles can be older S-300 missiles, or the new “smart” missiles. Today’s target is a modified rocket, and as it flies within the S-400’s range, the Triumf fires a missile. To ensure that all that is left of the target are debris and memories, two more missiles are fired at it.

Neither the speed, nor the size of the target matter to the Triumf. The S-400 can hit a target the size of a volley ball, even if it is enhanced with stealth technology, is flying faster than the speed of sound, and is flying anywhere from 10 meters to 30 km above ground. Of course, the S-400 is not built for the destruction of innocent volleyballs. This system is built to destroy aircraft and ballistic missiles, including Tomahawk cruise missiles, the same ones that the Americans bombarded Iraq with during the desert wars. As for the Patriot, the closest counterpart to the S-400, it is not even on the same level. Even several versions of the older S-300 are considered superior in certain aspects. The S-400 is also cheaper than its American counterpart.

The military is currently undergoing a re-armament program that is designed to fill “holes” in Russia’s military by the year 2020 that formed after the breakup of the Soviet Union. The S-400 will be given considerable priority. The designers of the S-400 assure that a counter-measure for their system will not be available for a long time. These two new divisions will be fielded on the outskirts of Moscow, joining the two regiments that are already fielded there. The next S-400 systems that will be built will be sent to the far east.


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