Bora Class Missile Hovercraft Firing Its Missiles


The project 1239, also known as the Bora, is a hovercraft/missile corvette that is one of the only hovercrafts designed to attack ships, rather than carry cargo. The Bora has a displacement of 1000 tons, making it the largest military hovercraft in the world. With a cruising speed of 102 km/hr, the Bora can attack larger ships and get away before the enemy can return fire. The Bora can operate in rough weather conditions of up to sea state 5, and has an endurance of  10 days. It is manned by a crew of 68 men.


The project 1239 has an impressive armament comprising of the AK-176M 76.2 mm main gun with a maximum firing rate of 120 RPM, 9K33M Osa-MA short-range air defense missile system with 20 available missiles, two AK-630 30 mm Gatling guns with a firing rate of 6000 RPM, 16 9K38 Igla MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems), two quad launchers for 3M-80E Moskit anti-ship cruise missiles, two 14.5 mm machine guns, and a DP-64 grenade launcher. The AK-176M main gun can also be replaced by the slower but harder hitting AK-100 100 mm naval gun.


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