New Strizh Pistol


Carefully, yet quickly, the black “Strizh” (which means Swift in Russian) is brought out from its “nest”. The pistol was designed and assembled by a private company, yet the Strizh is a bird capable of flying very high when it comes to military sales. He may sound brash, but professional shooter Andrei Kirisenko states that the black Strizh is Russia’s answer to the legendary Glock 17, a favorite of special forces worldwide.

Here they are side by side, the Russian to the left, the Austrian to the right. They even look slightly similar, but internally, they are quite different. For example, take a look at how the slide works. On the Glock, the barrel rises when the slide is pulled back, while on the Strizh, the barrel maintains its position, resulting in very low recoil. Also, the Strizh is held in high regard over its safety, which consists of 3 safety mechanisms to prevent accidental firing. The caliber is 9 mm, or for those who understand, 9 x 19 mm Luger. The magazine holds 17 bullets, and the reloading process happens to be quite interesting. While regular pistols have a single mag release button, this pistol has two on either side.

You can see here how it works, the pistol is picked up and the button is pressed, while the second hand immediately slides in the magazine. How is such a fast and easy reload accomplished? Because the space for the magazine is wider. The Strizh can accept scopes, lasers, and flashlights. It can also accept magazines that hold 30 rounds, as well as a longer barrel which will turn it into a machine pistol. Of course, in trained hands the pistol doesn’t even need all that. Andrei Kirisenko continuously calls the pistol unique, probably due to the fact that throughout the pistol’s construction, the team that was working on the pistol received advise from Special Forces officers. When the first prototype was finished, those same officers left 124 complaints, and the pistol was redesigned. The second prototype of the Strizh received 10 complains, and was redesigned again.

So here we have the Strizh 3, which is also going to be modernized, but has already caught a lot of attention. This pistol does everything that a good pistol should, but whether it will sell well on the market remains to be seen. For now, the pistol is advertised by a demo clip, which shows how the Strizh works. The pistol’s designers hope that this weapon won’t end up like so many others before it: rejected and forgotten. *Pistol is fired at a target next to a man’s head* The designer states that he will put his head on the line to prove the efficiency of the weapon that he created.


PS: This looks very similar to the Strike, which was also built based on advice from special forces officers.


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