New Serial Ka-52, Mi-8AMTSh, And Mi-24VM Helicopters With New Camo

Serial Ka-52



This is the first Ka-52 to have the Arbalet (Crossbow) radar. It also has the MAWS (Missile Approach Warning System), and the President-S countermeasures suite, one of the most advanced systems of its kind. The President-S includes a flare dispensing system, IR countermeasures, and a jammer.





The Mi-8AMTSh (the export version is called the Mi-171Sh) is a highly upgraded version of the legendary Mi-8 “Hip” medium transport helicopter, which is in service in over fifty countries. The Mi-8AMTSh has a brand new cockpit (with Kevlar plates installed), brand new engines, and a modified loading ramp. This helicopter can also carry the same weaponry as the Mi-24, including anti-tank guided missiles. In 2010, the Russian air-force received ten of these helicopters, and ten more were purchased in 2011.





Although the Russian air-force has chosen the Mi-28 as its main attack helicopter, Mi-28 production has been quite slow, and there are a lot of Mi-24 gunships already available. In Russian service since the 1970’s, the Mi-24 has proven to be a capable transport/attack chopper, with plenty of room for upgrades. And so, the Russian air-force has decided to begin upgrading these helicopters to the Mi-24VM (export version known as the Mi-35M3) standard, which will give it some features similar to the more advanced Mi-28, such as the ability to operate at night, smaller wings, a new 23 mm cannon, a new communications system, the same rotors as those used by the Mi-28, and the ability to use the latest weaponry that has been developed for modern Russian helicopters, such as Ataka anti-tank missiles and Igla-V air-to-air missiles.


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