Mig-35 vs Subaru WRX STI Test-Drive


There are scenarios where other cars would not want to face off against the Subaru WRX STI, but this time, we have found a formidable opponent. No need to write in the comments that we are crazy. Of course the Mig-35’s hangar is 100 times bigger than the Subaru’s parking space, and over the course of our filming this video, the Mig ate up 6 tons of fuel while the car didn’t even use up its fuel tank completely. I don’t know much about military aircraft, but the Mig corporation told me that the Mig-35 compared to the Mig-29 is like the Subaru WRX STI compared to the regular WRX. Indeed, on the outside, the STI looks like the older WRX, but on the inside is a lot more power, as well as an improved suspension and race performance tuning. The Subaru, like the Mig, has hidden potential that cannot be seen by simply looking at it.


19 years of rally championships have cemented the Subaru as one of the toughest race cars out there. The WRX STI’s improved suspension gives it smooth handling, even at high speeds. The Mig-35, on the other hand, does not have a suspension. However, flying  the aircraft is much harder than driving the WRX STI. At first glance, the idea of racing the two seems strange, as one flies while the other drives. The Mig can reach speeds of up to 2500 km/hr, while the Subaru has a speed limit that is 10 times less. Nevertheless, there is a certain place where the aircraft and car can be compared. The Subaru has a 300 hp motor, a mechanical transmission, and a symmetric all-wheel-drive (AWD) in its arsenal. The Mig-35 does not have the symmetrical AWD capability, but it has two engines that are each rated at 9,000 kg of thrust. If you convert that power into horsepower, you will get 57,000 hp, so basically the power of 114,000 horses. Before your eyes is the longest landing strip in Russia and the rest of Europe, but even if it was shorter, it would still be sufficient for our brave experiment. Now lets bet: the Mig-35 or the WRX STI?


The Subaru reaches 100 km/hr in around 5 seconds, while the Mig temporarily lags behind. However, within a short amount of time, the Subaru’s speedometer reads 200 km/hr, while the Mig takes the lead and proceeds to take off into the air. The Mig-35 is one of the few combat aircraft that can take off at such an angle. The Mig’s maneuverability allows it to take off almost straight up like a rocket. But that’s not all. The Mig-35 also has two systems of detecting targets. One is a radio-location system, while the other is optical. Being able to shoot down the Mig with a missile is nearly impossible, as its pilot will receive information about an incoming threat quickly, giving him enough time to deploy the countermeasures.


If you thought that we came to the Zhukovsky airbase to compare which of the two vehicles is better, you are mistaken. We came to see some awesome “combat” machines, each unique in its own right. Almost everyone that owns a Subaru knows names such as Collin McRay, Carlos Seines, and Ken Block. Likewise, those who study military aviation know names such as Alexander Fedotov (who flew the very first Mig-29), Pyotr Ostapenko (who set 8 world records), Pavel Vlasov (who was the first to fly the latest Mig-29 variant), and of course, our pilot Mikhail Belyaev (who has flown the Mig-29OVT and Mig-35 at various airshows ). We believe that these lists of names combine common interests in powerful combat machines that are unique in their own ways.


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