Vladivostok’s Military Aviation


The Mig-31 interceptor, which can reach speeds of up to 3000 km/hour is preparing for flight. It can detect any type of target at extreme ranges and will be the first to intercept aircraft violating Russia’s airspace. Just a minute after it takes off from the runway, it disappears completely from view, and its place on the runway is taken by the Su-27SM. Although the Su-27SM is slower than the Mig-31, in terms of maneuverability it has no equals in the sky. Pilots who spend many years training on aircraft that were only capable of attacking arial targets are very impressed by the Sukhoi interceptor’s ability to attack ground targets.


The aircraft from this aviation group defend an airspace area that spans over 1000 km, which includes entire cities, Russia’s Atlantic fleet, and an airbase build strategically so that the aircraft can quickly get into position to protect Vladivostok. However, the city has grown, and not all of its inhabitants are pleased with their “neighbors”. The aircraft changed their routes due to complains from the citizens of Vladivostok, who need to be reminded that the sound of aircraft engines is the sound of freedom, because the absence of air-power could lead to an invasion from Russia’s neighbors from the left and right.


Even the flights the pilots already take is not enough, so they practice on a special computerized training system complete with a mock-up of the Su-27 cockpit and a computer that can project any types of flying conditions. The young pilots hone their skills, while experienced aces sometimes allow themselves to fool around a little, making acrobatic maneuvers on the digital screen. The pilots are not allowed to make any mistakes in the air, so they are sure to try everything out on the computerized training system to make sure they are ready to meet any situation. After the real aircraft land, they are checked, refueled, the pilots traditionally feel the wing, and get sent back to training. Meanwhile, on the other end of the air-base stand the “guards”, aircraft which are prepared to take off and defend Russia’s eastern borders in 15 minutes time and in all weather conditions.


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