New Shakhin Infrared Scope Being Tested By The Russian Military


The new Shakhin infrared scope has the capability to heavily boost the effectiveness of the Russian troops. Although the Shakhin has not yet been accepted into service, the Russian military is intent on getting it as soon as possible. Today is yet another test for the device, closely mimicking real combat conditions.


The Shakhin infrared scope will allow soldiers to see warm targets at ranges of up to several hundred meters at night. During today’s test, the targets were specially heated up. Since the very first tests, all who had the chance to try the device were thoroughly impressed. The Russian military never used such a scope before. Although infrared equipment has been used on heavy Russian military equipment for quite some time, they have never been scaled down to the size of a scope. The creators of the Shakhin want to change all that by the end of this year. The MOD will be able to decide on whether the scope should be adopted for Russian military service as soon as it passes all tests. The divisions will be able to work in complete darkness and will be able to take out targets behind cover, changing the tactics of warfare.


There was a competition for an infrared scope for the Russian military and many competitors took part, but the Shakhin ultimately won. This device is built from all Russian parts and is very easy to use. The VDV soldiers that were testing it were able to figure it out without reading any instructions manuals. Today’s -25 C degree weather was yet another test for the device, which it was able to pass just fine. In fact, the scope’s creators state that it can work just perfectly well in temperatures as low as -40 C. Throughout the tests, the sight never let the soldiers down, even while shooting at targets through the curtains of a house. Not a single target was missed. The only way to fool the device is for the target to match the temperature of the air or ground, which is impossible for humans to do. Although quite advanced, the Shakhin does not cost more than Western counterparts.



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