Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov On Its Way Home


The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov has left the strait of Gibraltar. Since last December, ships from the Northern Fleet have been performing exercises in the Mediterranean sea, covering several thousand “sea miles”. Every day, every combat unit of the Admiral Kuznetsov was tested. The crews are leaving the Mediterranean sea in high spirits, because when the ship first entered the strait of Gibraltar, it was thought its aviation units would not be able to perform exercises due to the harsh weather.


The weather did, in fact, throw in some nasty surprises, but the pilots were able to compensate with their unforgettable performances. Due to the high skills of the pilots, we were able to receive unique footage of the Su-33 carrier-based interceptors flying over the open sea. Despite the storm, the pilots were able to spend over 120 hours in the air, during which time they performed over one hundred carrier landings, twenty mock-up air battles, and interceptions of targets.


While many of the young pilots who took part in the exercises had only flown the Su-33 off the Admiral Kuznetsov’s deck about ten times, there was an officer who celebrated an “anniversary” for his one-hundredth flight. For the young pilots, the flights were meant to prepare them psychologically, while for the more experienced pilots, the flights were for maintaining their skills. Entering the Atlantic ocean brings the aircraft carrier closer to home, but before it reaches Murmansk, it will carry out a few more exercises in the Atlantic ocean.


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