New Photos Of Su-27SM3 And Su-30M2 Multi-Role Fighters


The Su-27SM3 And Su-30M2 are the latest modernizations (not including the Su-35S) for the aging Su-27 and Su-30 fighters. Last February, the Russian air-force received it’s first Su-27SM3’s and more orders are currently underway. These upgrades are designed to enhance Russia’s air-force with a larger amount of multi-role aircraft. Although the airframes are brand new, it is rumored that the Su-27SM3’s are built using parts from scrapped Su-27SK’s that were supposed to be sold to China. New Salut AL-31F-M1 engines, which have a thrust of 13,500 kg, power these fighters. The weapons suites and avionics on these fighters are far more advanced than those on upgraded Su-27SM fighters, and the radar has also been upgraded. These aircraft also have new glass cockpits and the ability to fire the new medium-range RVV-SD air-to-air missiles. KNAAPO is planning the delivery of 8 more of these aircraft this year. All Su-27SM3’s will be based at the Krimsk airbase.


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