First Su-33M Prototype Shown To the Public


Actually, the journalists mistakenly called the aircraft in the video the third Su-35S serial aircraft, but it is in fact the first Su-33M prototype, a modified version of the carrier-based Su-33 air defense fighter. Therefore, I will not translate what is stated in the video and will instead write about the Su-33, the Su-33M, and their rivalry with the Mig-29K.


Having officially entered service in 1998, the Su-33 is an all-weather carrier-based fighter based on the Su-27. The Su-33, in contrast to the original Su-27, has folding wings, a strengthened under-body, stabilators, longer wings for increased lift, upgraded engines, and the ability to refuel in midair. The Su-33 was originally chosen over the older version of the Mig-29K as Russia’s main carrier-based fighter for the Admiral Kuznetsov (Russia’s sole aircraft carrier at the moment). However, the Mikoyan bureau revived the program in 2004 to meet India’s needs for a carrier-based aircraft, resulting a in a new aircraft that kept the same name (Mig-29K) but was superior in every way to the original. Although developed for India, the new aircraft drew great interest from Russia’s MOD, and last August, the MOD announced that negotiations for the acceptance of the new Mig-29K were almost complete.


Old Mig-29K

New Mig-29K


So now it seems that Sukhoi has rolled out an upgraded version of the Su-33, in an attempt to keep their aircraft on the Kuznetsov. There isn’t much info currently available on the Su-33M, so it is not yet clear which aircraft will be the better option for Russia’s navy. I will be sure to update my blog ASAP with more details regarding this matter as soon as new info becomes available.


Photo of the older Mig-29K taken from


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