AK-12 Assault Rifle And “Strike” Pistol Unveiled At Izmash


The new AK-12 assault rifle was shown for the first time at the latest Izmash arms demonstration: the 12 in its name standing for the release date of 2012. By December, it will be handed over to the government commission for review. It is the 5th modernization of the Kalashnikov rifle in 65 years, and is the most advanced.


The legendary designer, Mikhail Kalashnikov, examined the arms with great interest,  but the military stated that they do not have an urgent need for procurement. At the factory’s firing range, it was requested that the weapons be fired in fully automatic mode to test the full capabilities of the weapons. While Dmitry Raguzin fired off over 12 different kinds of weapons, the spectators covered their ears and patiently waited.


Another novelty was a pistol called the “Strike”, which experts claim can be drawn and fired six times in just one and a half seconds. The “Strike” was developed particularly for use in tight quarters, with advice from the Alpha Spetsnaz unit.


On the same day, the guilty parties were identified and prosecuted in regards to a recent incident where a senior citizen who was expecting a box of logs found over 80 AK assault rifles inside the crate. It appears that the operators misplaced the load. The result was four people were fired, including the deputy of security for the Izmash arms factory.


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