New RHM-5 NBC-Proof Vehicle For VDV


This vehicle is like a bunker on treads, but it is maneuverable and fast. The RHM-5 is designed for Russia’s airborne forces (VDV) and is based on the BMD-3 chassis. This vehicle provides much needed NBC (nuclear, chemical, biological) protection and can forge through water and fly (with the aid of a parachute, of course). The RHM-5 can be airdropped while troops are inside it, speeding up the time it takes to get it into combat mode from the time it lands on the ground.


The RHM-4 was designed by the Tula bureau, the company responsible for designing many other NBC-proof vehicles for Russia’s military. GLONASS satellite navigation helps the crew orient themselves with their environment, while special tools help monitor all areas within a 5 km range of the vehicle for traces of nuclear, chemical, and/or biological agents. The RHM-5 is currently undergoing testing and is expected to soon serve under VDV’s flag.


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