New Photos Of The Yasen Class Submarine


The first Yasen class submarine (the Serevodvinsk) was finished in 2010, after nearly two decades of delays (construction started in 1993). The 1990’s and the prioritization of the Borei class SSBN were probably the main reasons why the Yasen class (also known as the Graney) took so long to build. This past November, Russia ordered four more of these submarines. The Serevodvinsk is estimated to cost around 1.6 billion dollars, while the Kazan (the second Yasen class, which is currently being built) is estimated to cost 3.5 billion dollars (due to many changes in design), making it the most expensive submarine in the world.


Designed to replace the aging Akula (NATO designated, not to be confused with the Typhoon) and Oscar class submarines, the Yasen is a state-of-the-art submarine and is the quietest submarine in Russian service and one of the quietest submarines in the world, overall. The P-800 Oniks, and the 3M51 Alfa are just some of the cruise missiles with which this vessel is proposed to be equipped with. Torpedos, anti-ship missiles, and mines also fall into this submarine’s arsenal.


The Yasen is an “attack submarine” meaning it is built to hunt ships, as well as other submarines. Strategic attacks will be handled by the Borei and Delta-4 submarines. The Yasen class has a crew of just 90, meaning that many of the systems will be automated. The Yasen is the first Russian submarine to have a spherical sonar, and it also has a fourth generation nuclear reactor. The Yasen has a displacement of about 9,500 tons while surfaced, and 11,800 tons while submerged.

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