Project 1164 “Slava Class” Guided Missile Cruiser


The Slava Class guided missile cruiser, was first commissioned into the Soviet Navy in 1983. Out of a planned 6, only 4 were made, 3 now serve with the Russian Navy, and one incomplete ship is owned by Ukraine, which Russia has recently agreed to help complete. The Slava class displaces over 9,380 tons and is one of Russia’s most powerful warships. It is completely covered in weapons systems, with 8 P-500 Bazalt canisters for SS-N-12 supersonic surface-to-surface missiles on either side of the ship being one of the ship’s most recognizable weapons. Behind the canisters are launchers for SA-N-6 (Naval S-300) surface to air missiles, as well as OSA-M short range surface to air missiles (which will probably be replaced with TOR missiles). Six AK-630 short-range six barreled 3omm Gatling guns, ten 533 mm torpedo tubes, two RBU-6000 ASW rocket mounts, and AK-130 130mm dual-purpose at the front of the ship add even more firepower to the ship, making it a force to be reckoned with. The Slava class also has space for a support helicopter, most likely the KA-27 ASW chopper. The Slava class has a speed of up to 32 knots and is powered by four gas turbines, each rated at 27,500 hp. The warship has a total displacement of 11,500 tons.


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