New RPG’s Being Tested


3,2,1, fire! This is all that’s left of an automobile that that didn’t end it’s  life in a junkyard, but instead was used for testing of the RPG-29 “Vampire” rocket propelled grenade launcher with brand new ammunition. In Krasnoarmeysk echoed the sounds of 10 shots from various RPG’s from the company Bazalt for showcasing and testing purposes. The reason for these show-casings is because there are officers present that will decide which of these weapons will enter mass production. The officers carefully watched every test, and there were plenty of targets to test the weapons on, ranging from brick walls to buildings imitating refueling depots. Besides new weapons that took part in these tests, older RPG’s were used  as well, such as an RPG-7VL, which made a giant hole in the brick wall.


The RPG-29, a huge monster of an RPG, was made in the 1980’s, but has been given a new lease on life thanks to the introduction of new grenades for it. Grenades are constantly being upgraded, and are available in different types ranging from anti-tank to thermobaric. Human power was not requiring for operating the weapons at these tests due to safety concerns, since many of these weapons are still in prototype stage. However, everybody at the range was able to personally handle and inspect the weapons, and after these “meetings” decisions are made as to which weapons are to be put into service with the Russian military.


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