More Photos Of The Mi-28’s With New Paint Scheme


Developed in the 1980’s, the Mi-28 was the answer to the Russian military’s requirement for a dedicated anti-tank helicopter. Designed to replace the Mi-24, the Mi-28 has only recently began entering Russian military service in decent numbers, like many other great military projects that had to survive through the troublesome 1990’s with little to no funding. The Mi-28 addresses many of the Mi-24’s weaknesses and has thus become Russia’s main combat helicopter.


The Mi-28 does not have a compartment for troops, which was one of the main detractors of the Mi-24’s maneuverability, and unlike the Mi-24, it is very well armored and durable. To counter the latest main battle tanks, the Mi-28 is equipped with Ataka-V missiles, which have a range of up to 8 km and can penetrate up to 900 mm of homogenous steel. The Mi-28 is equipped with the 2A42 30mm automatic cannon and B-8 rocket pods which can each carry up to 20 80mm S-8 rockets for the neutralization of enemy troops. The Mi-28N is a a variant of the Mi-28 that can operate both at night and during the day.


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