Kamaz Triumf


If you won’t see it with your own eyes, you will have a hard time believing that a 20 ton armored truck can move through snow covered fields at speeds exceeding 100 km/hr. Kamaz’s new truck, called the “Triumf”, amazed everyone at the testing grounds. Equipped with a 450 hp engine, this truck gives a ride so smooth, even the experts are impressed. Anyone having ridden a regular Russian military truck will never forget it. Any bump in the road will cause some of the most inconvenient feelings imaginable. However, with the use of advanced technology and suspensions, the Triumf will give a ride comparable to some of the most comfortable off-road cars.


This vehicle was created and started testing within a year, using the most advanced technology available. All systems are fully digital; the Triumf’s ground clearance can be increased or decreased with a push of a button. The Triumf will be released in two versions. The first will allow the addition of all kinds of add-ons ranging from cranes to mobile missile launch systems. The second version will be a transport, and will include a special door for the driver to get into the compartment for troops without exiting the vehicle. This will allow the driver to perform maintenance on the vehicle without getting into harm’s way and to evacuate with the troops in emergency situations.


If something obscures the view through the windshield, the driver can continue driving thanks to special cameras spread throughout the vehicle’s chassis; the driver won’t even need to look from side to side. Special attention was also put into the survivability of the vehicle; the Triumf can survive blasts from up to 8kg of explosives and continue driving for up to another 50 kilometers. This vehicle is still being tested, but if it enters Russian service, it will have no equivalents.


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