Kilo Submarines At Dock In Vladivostok


The Kilo submarine is an anti-vessel boat designed for operations in shallow waters. The Kilo is powered by a diesel-electric power-train and equipped with the MG-519EM sonar system. It is one of the quietest submarines in the world, and is rumored to be able to engage enemy submarines from 3-4 times the detection range required to “see it”.


This submarine has a displacement of around 3000-4000 tons while submerged and has a speed of  11 knots. All 6 of the compartments are watertight and the double-hull is pressurized, giving the submarine increased survivability after being hit by the enemy.


Igla SAM missiles, Klub S cruise missiles, and the option of either 18 torpedoes or 24 mines are just some of the weapons options for the Kilo. This submarine also has an electronic countermeasures suite as well as a multi-purpose command and combat system.


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