Land Rover vs T-90MS MBT


Nice short clip showing off the T-90MS (in a different paint scheme than in the previous video I posted), and comparing it to the Land Rover Discovery 4. The narrator begins by comparing the deisel engines of the two vehicles, stating that Discovery has a 6 cylinders, while the T-90MS has twice as many. The Land Rover weighs 3240 kg, while the tank weighs around 46.5 tons. The Discovery 4 can reach speeds of up to 100 km/hr while the T-90MS can reach 60 km/hr in a short amount of time.


While speed is not the main characteristic of the tank, it is worthy of noting that such a speed for a vehicle that weighs nearly 50 tons is quite impressive. The narrator then stated that the Land Rover has an automatic transmission, while the tank has a manual. However, according to the information I read about the tank, it appears that the transmission is, in fact, automatic. The narrator added that the materials from which the Land Rover is made was once used in fighters and bombers.


Speaking of comfort, both the car and the tank have air conditioners installed, the narrator noted, after which he said that it’s time to compare the two vehicles side by side. He jokingly said that the only that worried him was that big cannon as the T-90MS’ main gun turns to face the camera. The two vehicles speed off, and after maneuvering the course, the Land Rover catches up to the tank right at the finish line. The narrator shakes the tank driver’s hand and states that it’s a tie.


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