Video Of The Kornet-D Missile Complex In Action


The Kornet-D is a missile complex capable of engaging both vehicles and slow-moving aircraft at distances of up to 10 km. The system works in all weather conditions, even in low visibility conditions. Simplicity and effectiveness are the main factors that separate the Kornet-D from missiles of similar class. Installed inside the GAZ Tigr ground mobility vehicle and hidden from view before and after firing, this system is impossible to detect when it is concealed inside the vehicle.


The system can be armed in just 5-7 seconds and all controls are fully automatic. With penetration figures totaling around 1300mm of homogenous steel, the Kornet-D can defeat the armor of any modern MBT currently fielded anywhere in the world, including the likes of the American M-1 Abrams, Israeli Merkava MK4, and the British Challenger-2. The Kornet-D can be operated via remote control from a distance of up to 50 meters, in situations where the crew decide that it is unsafe to remain inside the vehicle. The Kornet-D complex was first showcased to the public during the popular Russian aviation show Maks 2011.


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